You Can’t Do Everything By Yourself

diy-hardware-1219993As local business owners, we make the mistake of thinking that we can always do everything by ourselves. In some cases this may be true but for most people it is not.

The reason why most people think that it is better to do it by ourselves is because it is cheaper and it will save us a lot time. Again this is true but there are some other factors that most people fail to consider and that is time and quality. For example I can pay a professional painter $500 to paint my whole living room or I can save $500 and just do the job myself.

The problem with that is the quality of your job. You level of quality of painting is not going to be as good as the person who does this kind of work every single day for the past ten years. While it may take the painter to complete the job in 4 hours, it make take you 8-12 hours.

What if you happpened to fall off the ladder trying to paint those 20 foot high ceilings because you are afraid of heights.

Another good example is a good friend of mine who owns his own limo service company. You can check out his Temecula Limo website here. On one of his 14 passenger stretch SUV limousines had a cracked windshield and he thought it would be best if he can just do the repair himself.

He mentioned that he saw a video tutorial on YouTube on how to replace a cracked windshields for limousines and it seemed pretty easy and straight forward. He tried to justify his reasoning by thinking about all the money he would be saving if he didn’t have to hire someone to fixed every windshield on his limo fleet consisting of ten limousines ranging from a stretch white Hummer, a black stretch Lincoln, or his 16 passenger limo black Ford Excursion.

cracked-1208402Installing his first windshield, he did a good job which was what he thought until a couple months down the road, the began to notice some water leaking through the cracks. It appeared that he didn’t do a good job on the insulation part. So eventually he had to hire a professional to come out and fix his mistakes.

He not only wasted the time doing it himself but most importantly, he should of been focusing on the business instead of being busy in the business. Which is a common mistake most business owners make when trying to do it all by themselves.

So let this be a good insight and lesson to those who own their own business whether its a limo service business or a window repair shop.

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